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Metric Maps + Statistical Insights

A design leadership course to create North Star Maps and calculate the relationship between design, development, operations, and business.

Metric Maps + Statistical Insights


Picture this: you're a Designer, Developer, or PM and you're knee-deep in your daily grind of trying to improve your Product, but no matter how much you do, it feels like you're running in place. You and your teammates are stuck in this limbo where you struggle to see how the time and effort you're putting in impacts the big stuff—profit, customers, and your sanity. It's frustrating, right?

Everyone has different ideas of what's happening and what to do next, but there are no clear signals you can rely on. Your roadmaps turn into battlegrounds, OKRs feel like just another checklist, and everyone's second-guessing each other while the grind continues. You want to see how it all makes sense and feel more confident in each other's decisions.

You wonder if there's a better way. There is. 

Effectively using metrics and scorecards is a superpower.

​In this course, instead of sitting through a bunch of lectures with little time to go deeper, you will participate. You will identify the metrics that you can directly influence and connect them with statistics to the metrics that matter at your company.

It's not just about learning what metrics to track or how to align with your leadership; it's about transforming the way you think about your role as an individual and the potential to drive real change with your teammates.

You will learn how designers, developers, and PMs work together at companies like Apple, Google, and Zillow to visualize, gather, and interpret metrics to drive product strategy.

​We'll ensure you do this ethically. If you want to show the impact of what you do without changing who you are, this course is for you.

Who is this for?

Designers, DesignOps, Design Managers, Design Directors, Design Executives

Program goals

✅ Practical steps to bridge product bets to business and customer outcomes
Learn how data tells a story and feeds into your decisions by tracking the variety of actions your team makes in a way that doesn't feel like productivity porn.

Essential insights from multiple disciplines, curated specifically for Product Teams

Combine techniques from multiple disciplines to develop meaningful insights. Leverage tactics in Visualization, Data Analysis, Statistics, Strategy, Operations, and Executive Communication.

Data analysis techniques to calculate the relationship between design and business metrics

Gather, analyze, and interpret patterns within the data that matter to your business. Find credible evidence that your decisions as a product team make sense.

Proprietary frameworks and instruction you can't find elsewhere

Developed by Ryan from his experience leading product and product teams at Apple, Electronic Arts, and Nestlé, learn and use the POKR framework to establish clear quality factors for your product.

Figma and Google Sheet templates you can reuse

Topics Covered

Create Your Product Strategy Map

Learn how to bridge the gap between your daily actions and what success signals your company needs to see. We'll frame the exercise using North Star Maps, which will help you connect input metrics (indicators specific to developing your product) and impact metrics (indicators of product success).

Find Strong Data Signals

Learn how to interpret and predict impact with two of the most common (and crucial) methods for getting insights from data; Correlation Analysis and Linear Regression. Both are used as a foundation for predictions and forecasting, first confirming the relationship and connection between two variables, then showing how much one variable affects another and how to predict, estimate, or explain its behavior.

Communicating Design Health with Scorecards

You’re probably familiar with scorecards as a concept. In the sports world, scorecards keep official records of play-by-play action with a tally of hits, catches, runs, outs, passes, fumbles, goals, etc. What you may not know is scorecards are common in the business world as well.

While metrics really help you improve the quality of your products, business leaders can struggle to connect small product improvements to the overall business. That’s because the pace of the organization is different than the pace of a product. Product scorecards are effective reports for showing the impact and results of overall design, development, research, operations, etc. work.

Create your Product North Star Metric Map

Take our North Star Map even further by developing your own. Use our custom Figjam board to understand how the metrics you and your product team colleagues can influence directly connect to the metrics that your business partners care about.

What you get

  • Over 10 hours of interactive, recorded sessions
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • 29 in-depth lessons
  • 10 projects to apply learnings

What students are saying?

"Excellent course with lots of practical examples."
- Bryan, Product Designer, Select Health
"Metrics and Scorecards for Product Teams provides great perspective on how to approach metrics as a value add to an organization. Truly feel like I can level up in the next few weeks, months, and years to come as a product manager using the materials in the course. Ryan is a great instructor and has an ability to distill information in a succinct way!"
- Mican M., Product Manager
"I’ve taken classes to upgrade my business + design knowledge throughout my career, and highly recommend this class. Ryan brings clarity and patient insight to reframing how we collaborate with our partners on customer outcomes. His toolkit is both practical and actionable."
- Lawrence, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase
"Ryan's course provided me with a framework to make my product team more data-informed. Throughout the sessions, he shared his experiences to help us understand the concepts and navigate stakeholder relationships effectively, enabling us to drive impactful outcomes."
- Jeet, Staff UX Designer, ServiceNow
Engaging, fun and insightful. Really appreciated Ryan's energy! I got actionnable knowledge from day one, and a bunch of content to keep exploring. Thanks for a great course!
- Catalina, Senior Product Designer, Pennylane
Ryan is an excellent instructor, mentor, and guide, walking our cohort through new concepts, frameworks, and exercises with calm and ease. I came away with methods and tools that I can apply to my work immediately. I highly recommend this course.
Nathan, Chief Product Officer, New Zealand Mint

Meet your Instructor

Ryan Rumsey

For 20+ years, Ryan worked as a designer and executive at Apple, Electronic Arts, USAA, Nestlé, and Comcast. He is also the author of Business Thinking for Designers.

Ryan spent 10+ years as the senior design leader charged with building and scaling design organizations.

For the last four years, Ryan has been teaching design executives, leaders, and teams as CEO of Second Wave Dive and lead instructor of CDO School.

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