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Activating Change by Design

A design leadership course to convert insights and opinions into ratings and math.

Activating Change by Design • Design Leadership Course


When you're collaborating, there's no doubt you're faced with the constant challenge of trying to convince someone else to do something new. It's vital you get a sense of who is excited (or not) to work with you, when your work is too difficult for others to understand, and how to change minds in a practical way.

In this course, you’ll develop a sense of how stakeholders and collaborators perceive your work and how to bolster or change that perception.

  • Combine techniques from Product Strategy and Behavior Change
  • Create a value model for Design at your company
  • Analyze who motivated by what
  • Consistently test and refine your approach to collaboration

Who is this for?

Designers, DesignOps, Design Managers, Design Directors, Design Executives

Program goal

Through the mechanisms of behavior change, develop a sense of how your cross-functional partners perceive design, then better sell the value of what you do. Create routine assessments of when you need to change your argument vs. when you need to make something easier to understand.

Topics Covered

Fogg Behavioral Model

Changing human behavior is hard. Learn one of the foremost behavior change models in simplified, actionable terms. Developed by behavior scientist B.J. Fogg, the FBM

Design’s Value Model

Imagine your business partners are your customer. What are the skills and capabilities you provide to your partners? How are you delivering value to your company? Why is that valuable to your company, your customers, your colleagues, and your team?

The Good Partner Map

To do your best work, it needs to be beneficial to everyone. With The Good Partner Map, you’ll learn how to frame the skills and activities you offer in ways that your partners understand.

Addressing Motivation vs. Ability

When we try to influence others, we often try to motivate them first, which rarely works. Instead, learn how to adapt your work to the ability of others as a means to mature the partnership.

Meet your Instructor

Ryan Rumsey

For 20+ years, Ryan worked as a designer and executive at Apple, Electronic Arts, USAA, Nestlé, and Comcast. He is also the author of Business Thinking for Designers.

Ryan spent 10+ years as the senior design leader charged with building and scaling design organizations.

For the last four years, Ryan has been teaching design executives, leaders, and teams as CEO of Second Wave Dive and lead instructor of CDO School.

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